Fakhria was born in July of 1998 in Afghanistan. Historical accounts, literature, mythology and folktales inspired her at an early age. Her first work was inspired by the colonial settlements of 1600s in America. She authored a fantastical trilogy based on that called Ivy Isla accounting the adventures of a young girl in pursuit of her soul. Fakhria has authored a fantastical comic series in Farsi called The Reign of Fire which reintroduces long forgotten Persian folktales in the form of a children’s story book. She has also translated Finland: The Country of White Lilies into Farsi; a book she found resonant of contemporary Afghan struggles. Her latest work is the translation of Akbarnama. Akbarnama is an Afghan epic poetry originally written in 1868 accounting the two Anglo-Afghan wars. She is currently working on a novel called A Little World. The story features an identity dilemma of a child who grows up in a post 2001 era Afghanistan where governmental regulations and laws are suddenly liberal, but the everyday social life remains highly conservative and patriarchal. In her spare time, she enjoys writing inanimate objects poetry.