Black Mountain Institute at UNLV champions writers and storytellers through programs, fellowships and community engagement. We make space for meaningful collaborations and conversations; we understand service as vital. We ask questions about access, the environment, and labor. We find our home in Las Vegas–a place of hospitality in the middle of a desert. Between the manufactured and natural, urban and wide expanse, built and rebuilt, bounty and scarcity, we live within narratives of destruction and preservation. From the brightest spot on the planet, Black Mountain Institute amplifies writing and artistic expression to connect us to each other in the Las Vegas Valley, the Southwest, and beyond.

Black Mountain Institute can be reached at:

4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Box 455085
Las Vegas, Nevada


BMI Founders and Advisors

Carol C. Harter (In Memoriam)
Beverly Rogers
Richard Wiley

BMI Advisory Board Members

Stephen Bates 
Wendy Chen
Cyndi Conn
Natalie Diaz
Robin Greenspun
Jeanne Hamrick
Maria Jerinic-Pravica
Kima Jones
Milo Kostelecky
Andrew Nicholson
Ryan Nuñez
Cindy Reid
Vogue Robinson
Christy Sakamoto
Sonja Saltman
Miriam Shearing
Siddharth Srikanth
Erica Vital-Lazare
Claytee White

Honorary Members

Henry Louis Gates
Wole Soyinka

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