Joshua Chévere Cohen

Marketing & Communications Manager | Black Mountain Institute

About Joshua

Joshua Chévere Cohen is a marketing professional, writer, musician, feline enthusiast, traveler, and fencer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. A life-long lover of poetry and ruined buildings, Cohen graduated from UNLV in 2012 with undergraduate degrees in English and History. Between touring and recording with the alternative rock band Candy Warpop, Cohen began his marketing and communications career in live entertainment and hospitality, working alongside some of the largest names in each industry. 

A firm believer in the cyclical nature of time, Cohen returns to UNLV ten years later to join Black Mountain Institute as their Marketing & Communications Manager, an intellectual homecoming charged with a sense of service to BMI’s many constituencies. When not in his office, you can find Cohen on the fencing piste where he is a rated competitive fencer or tucked away behind some old building because he thought he saw a cat wander by.